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Privacy & Policy 

1.    Our package includes Videos, Printed Notes together with the e-notes (except few new course.)
2.    Validity is 6 months and 3 views.
3.    You will take full care of marketing at your site.
4.    Prices (including GST) are given in the list below.
5.    You will get 20% revenue share (including GST) hence we will give you the bill including GST for 80% of the price fixed by us. Any      special discounts offered by you will be out of your 20% share.
6.    On receipt of order, Pen drive will be couriered immediately in 1-2 days or download link and code will be mailed to student. Notes will be dispatched by courier/book-post and may take 8-10 days to reach to student.
7.    Our share will be remitted monthly in 1st week of the next month. You will send us the statement of sale.
8.    Student can choose out of Pen drive or download option.
9.    Printed notes and E-notes will include (a) Book (with theory & illustrations and fully solved exam problems for self-study covering complete syllabus), (b) Set of questions covered in video, (c) Detailed Index of Videos.