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“All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

This saying that has been used to encourage kids to take part in sports. But sports are not meant for kindergarten kids only. There are different sports activities that all level students should participate in. As a student, participating in sports is one way of taking your body to do exercises. According to medical specialists, sports are of great benefits in improving your health. It has been proved that participating in sports helps to improve your mental health in different ways.

Few Benefits of Sports :


Confidence and self-esteem are an important part of every student. Participating in sports is a calling to set individual and team goals. Your goals will vary from winning the game, having a score, being the best player, making a good trail or having fun at the field. When we are able to accomplish these goals, we boost our self-confidence that I can do it. Having confidence in you improves your self-worth and esteem.


Education is full of disappointments that are likely to cause depression in students. As a result, there are different ways students will use in order to relieve themselves from anxiety and depression. Mostly, they find a solution in taking drugs and medical pills. But these are harmful ways to get you out of stress conditions. If you want a want to relieve stress is a better way, participate in sports. Taking part in sports reduces the level of stress hormones and keeps away any depression development signs.


If you suffer from loss of mental concentration in while studying, playing sports is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Some sports activities that have been proved to be of great help include a mix of aerobic and muscle-strengthening games. The activities help to keep your mind sharp and as a result, you are able to exercise critical thinking and practice good judgment techniques. As a result, your academic performance is going to improve.


Playing sports acts as a way of relieving stress and therefore giving you a good mood swing. It triggers the brain to release hormones that make you feel happy and relaxed. As an advice, consider participating in team sports. This helps you to be engaged with a more satisfying and challenging sports activity, and as a result, you are able to improve your mental fitness. Team sports also give you a chance to connect with the society and friends.


After a day full of classes and office work, you may experience difficulties getting asleep. However, spending a time in sports is one way to improve your sleep as a student. It helps you feel tired and worn-out, and for this reason, it is more likely that you will fall asleep faster. However, it is good to ensure that you do not get engaged with sports too close to sleep hours. If you experience difficulties getting asleep, consider playing your favorite sport today and experience the difference. Having a good sleep improves your mental health, and keeps you in a good mood all day through.


Keeping your physical fitness right makes you charming. This keeps you out of stress and as a result of improving your mental health making you feel confident. When your physically fit with healthy body and shape, your mind will also be able to focus on your goals as you know that “a healthy brain lives in healthy body” and healthy you will be able to concentrate on your studies. In return, you will get good academic results.


Through sports, students are able to learn about the importance of teamwork not only in the field but also in their game but also in career, families and their communities as well. They learn how to respect effort made by other co-workers and the organisation and how to use it for the success.

Playing sports is not only good for students ’ physical health but also good for improving their mental health. Remember your school, college days you used to play variety of sports that you used to enjoy a lot and you were also able to excel in exams as well.

So why not now, engaging your brain in studies only for whole day decreases it ’ s efficiency to do a particular task continuously for hours. It is obvious that during exams you have to give full efforts in studying only but in regular study times start participating in sports you will see a change in your academic results.

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