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CA PRACTICE OR JOB ?? By CA Ashish Deolasi Sir

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

After passing CA final examinations, one question that gives sleepless nights

to many is


Your whole future depends upon making the right choice. Here are some of

the Pros and Cons in choosing Practice or Job :



 Income at initial stage itself is Expected Salary Packages.

 There no need to investment in setting up of office and infrastructure

i.e. saves capital investments.

 Career blooms if you get exposure to various fields and get good

potential growth.

 No need to take efforts in building contacts and clients

 No hardship in having great communication skills to retain clients and

make fees.

 And many more….


 This course has its’s importance by having the Signing power. Under

employment you don’t have authority of signing and attesting


 You are restricted to particular fields that are exposed in your

employment and it doesn’t make much benefit of all the knowledge

you have gained in all areas in your professional studies.

 You growth also slows down and limited to fixed specified earning.

 Generally it get boring after a period of time to work continuously for

8-10 hours in front of computers.

 Lack of freedom to work as per our own convenience.

 And many more…..



 Higher chances of growth in long term.

 Highly motivated so as to work in self-owned organisation.

 Career blooms as you can explore to unlimited fields.

 Great reputation and respect in society, increased relations while

working and social networking.

 No fixed schedule to work, able to give time to other things, enjoy

social life etc.

 And many more….


 Huge investment is required to start, establish and run office

 It takes time to create good contacts, make clients, hence level of risk

is very high.

 You need to various others skills like managing business, good

communication skills to interact with people, skills of expression and

convincing and so on…

 And many more…..

There are no strict rules to say which is better, because it is based on various

factors. We have tried to provide you with few factors for comparison, so

that you can make an informed decision for yourself after weighing all the

pros and cons of both the options available for you.

Few other characters to be considered before jumping into

any solution are-


For all those who are opting for job, your struggle is for very short period

and ends with finding the right company to work for. Generally it takes 2 to

3 month time for a fresher CA to get a good job with handsome

remuneration. Even ICAI conducts campus for placement of newly qualified

CAs. In these 2 to 3 months, sometimes companies reject you and sometimes

you reject the company. But once you finds the right company, your struggle

ends and you start earning from the Day 1. Unemployed CA is still a myth

and you have to be an idiot of highest level to remain unemployed after

passing CA final exams.

For all those who are opting for practice, initial period of struggle ranges

from 2 Years to 5 Years only exception is joining an existing set up. If you are

going solo in practice, first few months are nothing less than the nightmare,

all you have to do is to roam around, meet the potential clients. There will be

only expenditures and no income. Chances are that you may start feeling

frustrated if you had not adequately planned the financial resources to

sustain in the initial phase. After first few months and after developing good

networks, things surely will change for good.

So during initial struggle phase CA in job is better than CA in practice.


There are so many avenues to work for both CA in job and CA in practice.

Those who are going for job, can join Banks as Cre